Alliance Information


Our alliance strives to be an community of semi-casual, inclusive guilds. It is a community for all types of members; whether you're PvP, PvE, Role Playing, Adventurer, or Socializer there is a spot for you.

• All allied guilds and their respective members should, at all times, make every reasonable effort to ensure their guild and members reflect and uphold the rules as set forth below.


1. Where applicable, all alliance members should adhere to both the general Neverwinter/PWE Terms of Service, (ToS), and the Rules of Conduct, (RoC).

2. All Alliance members should be treated with respect and patience. Please keep Alliance chat respectful and tasteful. If you have a disagreement with another player where you can't or won't be constructive, considerate and civil, then please take said discussion out of the alliance chat.  If you observe misconduct regarding members or Officers/Leaders of the Alliance, and have not been able to resolve your issue with said individual(s), please follow the steps outlined in the Dispute Resolution Procedure.

3. There is to be no "naming and shaming" in public Alliance communications.

4. Taking part in exploits, cheats, or other abuses of the game engine/functions/etc is taboo1.  What is or is not an exploit is at the discretion of Cryptic or the alliance community.  The alliance maintains a list of recognized exploits (TBA).

5. You are free to form a team however you wish; but any sort of inappropriate exclusionary behaviour2 will not be permitted.

6. Please refrain from posting in all capitals as this is considered ‘yelling’ and rarely appropriate. You may ask your game-related questions in Alliance-related channels; but again, be sure to space out your requests and don't get indignant if you do not get a response.

7. Trade requests in alliance chat is permitted at reasonable intervals. Members who do so are solely responsible for their decision to participate in trading within the Alliance and do so at their own risk.

8. There is no official loot policy for any Alliance group/party - please discuss terms with your team and adhere to whatever is decided. It is recommended that all parties establish clear loot policies before commencing any content.

• If you have issues with a particular rule or think some rules are missing, please discuss with your guild leader(s), who may then escalate it to the full Alliance leadership team.


Out of Bounds:

• Maneuvering outside the map (play area) by either climbing or passing through walls or objects, walking around objects or any other unnatural way.

Skipping enemies or areas:

• Running through enemies or parts of the map to die at certain locations to skip parts of the map and/or enemies.

False terrain advantage:

• Climbing up or under objects, terrain or walls you are not supposed to be to safely kill enemies. Closely related to “out of bounds”.

False stat, feat, companion or item advantage:

• Purposely making use of flaws in stats, feats, companions or items made by game designers that makes it possible to one shot enemies,do huge amounts of damage to enemies or become godlike.

2 Exclusionary Behavior

• Requiring higher than the minimal IL requirement.

• Requiring High Damage Per Second or "hdps".

• Requiring specific enchantment/runstone levels or gear.

• Dictating what power loadouts a player should use. You are free to give advice as long as you are civil and supportive.

• If the above points are followed you can ask for whatever you need for your team, but be prepared to explain your needs if questioned.

Dispute Resolution Procedure:

If a situation arises where an alliance member (or leader) experiences difficulties with another alliance member, then they can attempt to resolve these difficulties by working through these steps and proceeding to the following step, if the current step cannot satisfactorily resolve the situation.


• If issue escalates beyond step 1, ensure that all chat is recorded when communicating with an alliance member.

• At any point in time, if a Guild Member is not satisfied with the results of this process (or for any other reason) they may choose to leave their guild.

• At any point in time, if a Guild Leader is not satisfied with the results of this process (or for any other reason) they may choose to leave the alliance.


1. Communicate directly with the other alliance member and attempt to resolve it between the both of you. This should be done in a calm and reasonable manner.  If you don’t think you will be able to discuss the problem appropriately, go straight to step 2.

2. Contact your Guild Officer or Leader, explain the situation to them, provide them with links to uploaded screenshots, and request them to act on your behalf to resolve it.

3. The respective Guild Leaders will communicate and discuss the situation.  Guild leaders will be given links to uploaded screenshots (if they exist), and discuss a resolution.

4. If a resolution cannot be decided upon, other Guild Leaders within the Alliance will review the situation. They will then communicate their judgements to the involved Guild Leaders and ask them to resolve it accordingly.

Dragonflight raid guildelines:

Dragonflights (DF) can be tricky events to organize, especially if it is someone's first time organizing it. Give the person time to orchestrate the event - flooding the alliance chat or queue group chat with suggestions will only cause chaos. Below are some best-practice instructions when participating in an alliance DF.

Joining a Dragonflight:

• Give a +DF in alliance chat - it is preferred to join the queue sooner (15-30 mins in advance where possible) rather than later. Adding your class to the request (eg +df CW or GF) is also helpful to balance parties and multiple queues.

• If you can’t join immediately, give a heads up so the organizer can count you in to be added later.

• Make sure you’re in a queue group, and if you get disconnected, you may need to be removed and re-added to read the queue group chat.


• Keep track of the alliance and queue chat, and follow the directions of the organizer/queue group leader.

• Everyone has their own methods for DF - don’t try to take control of the event if you disagree.

• Pay attention to the alliance / queue group chat.


•  No more than 19 people at a dragon, or the dragon becomes immune to damage.  

•  Don’t stand in the red or bad things happen!

•  Party composition matters to really make those dragons melt.

•  One of the blue dragon’s attacks will kill all players if it kills the person it hits. This means that only tanks should start that fight, and that heals need to focus much more on the tanks. If the tank dies, everyone else dies instantly.

•  All dragons need to die within 1 minute of each other, so don't kill any until you are told to by the organiser.

•  If you are NOT the organizer, do not call out instructions like “go to black” or “kill at XX”, or a designated caller.

•  The goal of dragonflights is to kill all four dragons - however, due to lag spikes, disconnects, or bad luck, a dragon can die early, or one will not get killed in time.  Do not attack anyone responsible - be understanding. If there are legitimate problems, feel free to voice them to the organizer or to your guild leadership.  

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